Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slow Days Estranged

Now really, I can probably listen to field recordings all day, I think ambient music as well as early experimental and minimalism have brought me to the point where I could listen to a note for 20 min and not be annoyed. Good thing or bad? I dunno... The whole point that Cage and other concrete musicians were; To challenge the conventional music. To break the musicality in it all together, at least in the conventional senses. They focus more to the aspects of sounds that the conventional was not(orchestrated non recorded sound), and only when we had the technology to do so, did it opens doors to many more ways to manipulate these sounds.

Now here is a piece by the french born composer Luc Ferrari, primarily a music concrete composer, works from the 60s-00s. This piece, called 'Hétérozygote', a tape piece, he blends ambient environmental sounds together to form a really spacious feeling work. I really enjoy the use of panning in this particular piece, and it really feels space age...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cosmic Synth Pops

Space Art was a French electronic duo, Dominique Perrier on keyboards and drummer Roger Rizzitelli. Perrier played keys on many of Jean-Michel Jarre's albums. Cosmic fun tunes to unbutton an extra button on yr button up. Reminds me of a electronic Pink Floyd....

Songs from the album 'Trip in the Center Head'.


Linger in some congested funkadelic space traffic with the hustle-bustle grooves of jazz electronic musician Bruno Spoerri. He started in his early age as a saxophone player in Germany and Switzerland, and later as a psychologist and career counselor, before experimenting with synthesizers and electric saxophones in the 70's.

Here are some tunes from the album 'Gluckskugel', a release by the wonderful reissue label 'Finders Keepers Records'