Thursday, December 20, 2012

We are the MODulars, or are we?

Laurie Spiegel is an American composer. She played a large role in the New York "New Music" Scene. Primarily know for her electronic music compositions, she first started working with Buchla and EML synthesizers, as well as moving into more digital based prototype music generating systems(the first Max programs). Most of her work was based on interactive algorithmic compositions. She created her most famous software, Music Mouse(1986),which the program's built-in knowledge of chord and scale convention and stylistic constraints would be automated, allowing the user to focus on other aspects of the music in real time. Anyways, she is one amazing individual in the digital music world. Totes to her!
From the album "The Expanding Universe" (1980)

Live Performance of the piece "Improvisations on a 'Concerto Generator'"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shibuya-kei! RnJR

Starting in the early nineties, Shibuya-kei was a Japanese music style from the Shibuya district in Tokyo, Japan. The style is a mix of Japanese pop, electronic, jazz and general goofs. I will mention one of my favorites of the bands in the style, that being Buffalo Daughter. They make you want to drive in most hustle and bustle of traffic.
Other bands in the genre include:
Cornelius, Cibbo Matto, Yukari Fresh, Takako Minekawa, Fantastic Plastic Machine, among many others...

From the album "New Rock"

Sunday, May 6, 2012

That long fucking drone

Eliane Radigue, like many of the minimalists, it's all about a slow evolution of sound. Slow and steady. Trance inducing articulation, small nuances in processes of sound manipulation. She started working in the field of electronic music in the sixties, working as an assistant to Pierre Henry, until moving to NYC working on her minimalism using one of the first Buchla synthesizers as well as the ARP 2500. Beautiful, I need a set of headphones playing her music 24/7 when situations of stress arrive, and then I will have that "happy place".

From Jetsun Mila.

From Trilogie de la Mort.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Go Getter

I think my head just shook all by itself.... The Chlorgeschlecht, interesting samples(I guess they process field recordings of crack-dealing pimps and hustling whores in S.F). Anyways enjoy if you can hehe, And be prepared, don't have the speakers turned up too much, you might end scared.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Here is the song "Strong Out Deeper Than the Sun" from the group Les Rallizes Dénudés. I love them for their loud on going feedback. There original bassist was involved in some leftist airplane hijacking(the singer turned down "the opportunity"). Such lovely squeals. It makes me want to go swimming for some reason....

Your gonna die tomorrow...

Your gonna die tomorrow...

The father of electronic music..... Edgard Victor Achille Charles Varèse

Ode to the Spanish Speaking Space age Bachelor Pads

Well all I have to say about this particular group is that they really really sound quite familiar from this certain band I know of, but I like to think they're the Argentinian version. Good none the less and cheers for sounding so much like em'. Though for some strange reason I don't hate them for it.... So here is Modular......

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My bloody bachelor Pad

I'm very suprised to hear that My Bloody Valentine drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig and Stereolab bassist(but play guitar in this groop)Simon Johns had a 7" released on duophonic. Taye Digs here is some goodies.

Two great

So I am a big fan of Stereolab. I want everything I can find with the sound of Stereolab or any of the members contributions with any non-stereolab acts. So it's great to know that The High llamas fit in that category. The High llamas are the creation of song writer Sean O'Hagan. It's as if you combined Stereolab and Brian Wilson together into an Irishman. Well here's some good tunes...

Tim Gane and Sean O'Hagan remix of The Free Design...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Power Pill Fistin'

Ken Fec, the bassist of the well known group, Black Moth Super Rainbow, has a surprising side project experimenting with his Atari 2600 accompanied by the Synthcart cartridge created by Paul Slocum. His use of the Atari Synthcart program, as well as his use of bass, sampling, and acoustic guitar have provided a great testament to new, exploratory music of the chiptune kind.

Oh wearry?

My friend showed me this great album of Japanese pop songs of the sixties. Adorable as two japanese girls pissin on squid...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tune in.....

Oh boy here's one trippy album that will make your head spin with spiritual lysergic lysogenic jubilation. One of the better kraut bands to shoot your faculties with... Ash Ra Temple.... Oh and don't forget that Timothy Leary is in this album.... The whole album 'Seven'. Thank you uploader for the WHOLE album.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coração(you've heard the word before)

So I know this isn't space age but the jams are just too too good, and this Jorge Ben knew what he was doing, and doing some of the first samba rock, or you could call it Brazilian Funk. Either way he's great. I guess David Byrne produced some of his music as well(I used to call him david bryne, and pronounce his last name like 'brine'.... Thank you dyslexia and my inobservance).

An interesting medley of 3 of his songs...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Some more drone

Here is a song I made like 2 years ago. I wish I did more ambient music but I'm busy keeping in speed with my band, but it's not the last of it. Synths, a recorder, and guitar pitch pipe. I played with some beatings in it as well. Layers and layers of creamy goodness....

Aww look at that floating baby...

The Theatre of Eternal Music. La Monte Young. Tony Conrad. John Cale. Marian Zazeela. Terry Jennings. Need I say more? Drones that drone soo beautifully soo.

Let's record cats in graveyards

Life can just plain suck, and you can get distracted with other things, but here I go again, and this. I will be playing is some really jelly stuff. The stuff you can smear all over yrself with. Some good ole Joe Meek. A british songwriter turned producer, He made some interesting space age sounds for the time(54'-67'). Unfortunately his fame was short lived and his neuroticism got the better of him(really into the occult, he'd set up tape machines in graveyards attempting to record voices from beyond the grave), until one day he finally killed his landlady, and then himself. Well there you go that's his story kinda but he had his moments.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ehhhhh... Just gimme a Beer

Pram, a wonderful band that fully sprouted in the 90's that tell you it's ok to be kinda weird and awkward(in fact NME awarded their album "Sargasso Sea" an honorable 0/10, which Pram took as compliment), just be refreshing. I love em', they remind me oh stereolab a bit(they were both on Too Pure together, but now they're on Domino), but with more quirks. I'll post two good songs, each on a different album.

Gash(1990)Love the guitar on this one.....

North Pole Radio Station(1998)A dreamy summer tune...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I wanna have your baby. No, really. Give it to me.

Here is some just plain silly electronic music from german artist Uske Orchestra off the album "niko et la berlue". Good explorative album, and on one of my favorite record labels, Sonig. This is all I can find on this album as I am too lazy to upload. Some nice animation to go along with the video as well.

Here is another just for kicks off the album "Palpelpin".

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ping Pong Peng!

Boy O boy do you have to hear this lovely track by one of my favorite groops(get it?) Stereolab.

This track is on a compilation 'Dimension Mix', a tribute to the eclectic dimension 5 records. Mudra is a cover of a song by Bruce Haack, a great canadian synth guru from the seventies(if you haven't heard him yr a baby). Full of jazz driven syncopation, the analog synths wiggle back and forth from speaker to speaker(ping pong) that make you dizzy in the best of senses. Some of the best panning play you can find. Soo crazy that it would be impossible to have the same mix shown above pressed on vinyl(the panning in the song is soo intense that the physical grooves needed to be made in the vinyl would make the needle jump and cause skipping in the track). Make sure you listen with headphones or make sure you keep them ears pointed at each speaker, you don't wanna miss it.

Mondo Lights & Japanese Space Dreams

Here is a sample of some great psychedelic from the Japanese group Christine 23 Onna.

This circa 93' group make great space driven psychedelic to drive by yourself in a car at night in the woods with no lights on while the whole time being on DMT, if that was possible. Upper track is the first song off of their second album Shiny Crystal Planet. Cosmic analog synths, raging reverberated fuzz guitars, and psychedelic breakbeats to quench your thirst for your stringent space-age psychedelic urges.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Gimme some more. I want some more

Sometimes there comes a time when you first listen to an album and it makes you drop every single distraction to focus on the beauty. The Electronic London based Duo Sculpture come to mind.

Rotary Signal Emitter - Side A from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

I don't really like buying new vinyl, but when a vinyl looks this beautiful(stunning animations even though it looks like it needs to be a zoetrope.), all that you want to do is do all that you can to acquire it. No soul for me.... Also I'll include side B. Dig.

Rotary Signal Emitter - Side B from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

I wanna make a hippie cry.

Here's a tune from one of the cutest french pop singers of the good ole 60's, France Gall. This is one of her German spoken tunes that make you want to not cover your ears from the cold bitter german language. She's adorable, and looks like most girls that were part of Sergei Gainsbourg's love affairs.

Smell the electricity

This is probably one of my top albums of all time for its pure electricity it gives me. This is kraftwerk's first album, much different than there later synth-pop albums that your used to hearing from them, it has much more krautrock orientated song structures.

Drones, tempo changes, strange stabbing synthesizers, music concrete. Strangely enough klaus dinger plays in half the album, giving it that Neu!-esque kraut rhythm driven feel that dinger brought to Neu! Here, I"ll also put a live clip of them playing at the WRD TV Berlin circa 1970. Hahaha Germany 1970.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Your filthy. I'm filthy.

Here is a song I made with my band mate when I was living out in the ole gin river. You add an excess of beers and two guitars to make some sonic ear candy. Truth be told. You can be drunk and make good music. Weird Sonic Youthy noise guitar kinda stuff that brings me back to my good ole days of listening to mostly Sonic Youth and hating anyone who didn't.

Cool visuals, and I really hope you feel dirty like you had way too much liquor and found out you pissed yourself, and have raw hamburger meat all over your clothes. Errr, not that I have.....

Lets get a cat to play xmas music

So here I am, beaten and battered from endless walking around Seattle. Another beautiful day. I have my headphones on, playing on shuffle and some Stock, Hausen & Walkmen comes up. So I figure why not post some.

I first heard Stock, Hausen & Walkmen when I was listening to a Peter Thomas tribute album. I was hooked after the first listen. I really enjoy their silly playful style of exotic electronic music, it makes you want to wiggle all that gravy from your armpits. Exotic hamster music I like to call it.

Also I adore their album covers. Anyone who puts a picture of a hamster playing a keyboard on their album cover will immediately catch my time up for a listen. So give a listen.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I am sitting in a room.

Ok. So I figure it is a nice day. The sun is out, the birds discussing politics. Flowers having sex to the tunes of springtime.

What a better thing to do then staying indoors listening to Alvin Lucier's 'I Am Sitting In A Room'.

A great example of process music (he records himself, then plays it back in a room, and re-records it playing, repeating till his voice is replaced with resonant harmonies and tones of the room itself), this is a well know work in the sonic arts community. His works range from installation art to slow escaping minimalism, mainly focusing on the properties of sound itself. Starting in the early sixties, he still produces beautiful slow evolving pieces for you to fade in and out of consciousness to.

Sounds from the Vegetable Kingdom

Alright, so it has been two years, life can be distracting at times. I moved away a while back from the land of trees, ed hardy, hippies, and long-boarders, to a much more suitable environment. Not to say I hate the area where I used to live, but cities are much more accommodable for me. I start my life again fresh a bloom, ready to get my listening on to the sounds of space, exotica, psychedelic, and moog, and just plain weird. I start again today, and reach for my cup of tea. Get some caffeine or some gin. Get ready to listen.

I'm gonna start with some moog music. I'll start with one of my favorites.

Mort Garson

Mort Garson was a electronic musician active from the middle sixties to the late seventies. Primerally a Moog synth composer, he brought forth some of the first Moog sounds at the time of Wendy Carlos success. The upper link brings forth a tune conceived straight from the vegetable kingdom (I know, I know, it just sounds better.). The Album Plantasia, The song I like to call Swinging Syphilis. The Lower video shows his first moog work, strange and psychedelic. Can you smell the butter burning from those moog sounds? Dig.


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Hope you enjoy.