Sunday, May 6, 2012

That long fucking drone

Eliane Radigue, like many of the minimalists, it's all about a slow evolution of sound. Slow and steady. Trance inducing articulation, small nuances in processes of sound manipulation. She started working in the field of electronic music in the sixties, working as an assistant to Pierre Henry, until moving to NYC working on her minimalism using one of the first Buchla synthesizers as well as the ARP 2500. Beautiful, I need a set of headphones playing her music 24/7 when situations of stress arrive, and then I will have that "happy place".

From Jetsun Mila.

From Trilogie de la Mort.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Go Getter

I think my head just shook all by itself.... The Chlorgeschlecht, interesting samples(I guess they process field recordings of crack-dealing pimps and hustling whores in S.F). Anyways enjoy if you can hehe, And be prepared, don't have the speakers turned up too much, you might end scared.